At SGF Associates we believe that light is not simply illumination.
As great painters from Caravaggio to Turner demonstrated,
light is a medium to be manipulated in the service of narrative.
The interplay of light and shadow,
the variance of hue and the texture of luminosity all set the emotional tone of a space.
Light is a message and SGF is the messenger.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

SGF Associates is a custom lighting design company based in New York City
with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Our mission is to design and produce lighting fixtures, which provide unique
luminance and artfully manipulated shadow in the service of our customer’s
designs and spatial needs.

Our experienced staff is ripe for the challenge of complex projects that
involve a variety of factors from intricate architecture to strict budgets
to limited space.

LED technology is a very recent and innovative field that is developing
faster than ever before. We are at the forefront of this technology and
consistently developing new product, new methods and new ideas.

Our professional lighting services include:

* Custom lighting design and execution
* Commercial to residential interior lighting solution
* Retail show window, case line light display
* Control lighting system programming
* Full-scale study mockups
* Fixture replacement
* Maintenance of lighting fixture and control system


History of SGF

December 1997


SGF Associates, Inc established in New York

June 2005

Hong Kong office established

June 2006

Tokyo office established

December 2017

20th anniversary

SGF celebrated its 20th anniversary

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